Meerkat Family Reunion Meerkat Songs

posted: 05/15/12
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Meerkat Family Reunion
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When I was a girl I dreamed of being invited to a meerkat family reunion...

Where we'd sit or stand or sit or stand again Dig, eat grubs or bugs, then stand again Reminisce about the time when we all had to run to avoid being killed by our neighbors Then we'd sit or stand or sit or stand again Look for hawks or my half-sister, who stole my man Who I think is now covered with fleas anyway so I'm not really bothered

There was the time I didn't know if my uncle was also my father And the time my cousin overthrew my dominant mother Then of course we moved 37 times in one calendar year But at least we were together, a family of meeeeeeeeeeeerkats

Who would sit or stand or sit or stand again Look to the right, to the left, back right again We'd stand in a union, a family reunion Yes we'd stand, we'd stand, we'd stand ... together again!

(Or we could sit, if anybody wanted to do that too.)

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