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posted: 05/15/12
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Meerkat Sinatra
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If I were a meerkat (meerkat, meerkat) And I was a'sleepy (sleepy, sleepy) I would dig a deep hole and sleep underground with my colony

And if I were a meerkat (meerkat, meerkat) And I was a'hungry (hungry, hungry) I'd dig another hole and search for a scorpion or tasty grub

And all of us meerkats (meerkats, meerkats) A group of social carnivores (carnivores, carnivores) We'd sit by our holes and soak up the sun and life would be so grand

But at the first sign of danger we'd be up on our feet Standin' at attention tell me what do you see Is it a hawk or an owl or a snake or someone who Wants us for dinner but not as a guest? Maybe life as a meerkat isn't always so grand We'd constantly be feuding with the neighboring clan Fightin' over territory, makin' our stand To protect all those tasty grubs

But since I'm not a meerkat (meerkat, meerkat) And I'm just a human (human, human) I'll sit at my home and watch Meerkat Manor (Meerkat Manor on TV!)

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