Tail of the Desert Sands Meerkat Songs

posted: 05/15/12
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Tail of the desert sands
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Had a long commute, but I'm home at last Stretching this dry spell that's unsurpassed Sitting by myself, I'm all alone I've ordered Chinese for two, I wish I'd known

I plopped down on the couch and nestled into a sitcom Until it melted my brain like gallon of napalm But then I found something better than it Love sex and scandal on Animal Planet...

Verse 1

Out in the Kalahari Desert sands Is the last place you'd look for a one night stand

It's called Meerkat Manor and in a nutshell This place is as lavish as a Vegas Motel

Well they're looking for the toilet But they found it in the closet And you know that's not the place They should make their next deposit

Now they're sleeping with their grandma But they wish it was their mother And you know she'd rather be With their uncle slash their brother

Chorus 1

Oh meerkat! A little promiscuity Meerkat! Sleeping around Oh Meerkat! Now you've got a sugar daddy But Meerkat! Where's your wedding gown?

Verse 2

Stealing's not allowed, they'd given it the ban But bigamy is legal within this clan Who's your daddy now; did you have a chance to meet? Now keep an eye on brother while your mommy's in heat Well they call this place a manor But it ain't no rich estate Seems the only thing they think of Is when they ’ ll fornicate These meerkats look so cuddly But they can also be malicious And when it comes to interbreeding These critters are ambitious Woah meerkat! Acting like celebrity Meerkat! You're going Hollywood Woah meerkat! It's an animal party Meerkat! We love your neighborhood!

Check out those meerkats Warm, furry and cute Strutting their stuff In their birthday suit

Well they look out for each other When they're on thin ice Sharing meals and tending wounds Without thinking twice!

It's tragic when we lose one And watch their families mourn But it's just a few more days Until another ten are born

So don't head to the movies Ditch that party planner Now the nights are so much better Down on Meerkat Manor!

Meerkat! They sure do make you smile Oh meerkat! I'm no longer feeling down Oh meerkat! Kicking off the weekend Said meerkat! It's the greatest show in town!


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