Monsters Inside Me

Holiday Hell: Removing Botflies For Christmas

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Wednesday July 30

3:00 AM

60 min.

The Flesh-eating Monster


A seven-year-old girl suffers from mysterious seizures and painful rashes and winds up in a deadly coma. A a yoga-loving college graduate's health spirals viciously out of control when "the flu" turns out to be a flesh-eating monster.

4:00 AM

60 min.

It Came from a Tick


A mother-of-four struggles with a mysterious lump that emerges on the neck of her two-year-old daughter. But as doctors quarantine her, it's a race against time to save her life.

5:00 AM

60 min.

My Husband is Hallucinating


A small-town boy's summer fun is cut short by an apparent flu that suddenly transforms into a life-threatening condition. An extreme case of asthma strikes a former beauty queen.

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