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Must Love Cats Host John Fulton
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Must Love Cats Host John Fulton
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John Fulton was born in 1976, just outside Boston, in the town of Topsfield, Mass. His best friend as a child was his cat "Kitty," who slept on his chest every night of her life, leading John to develop a lifelong bond with cats and curiosity for all things feline.

John studied classical music at the University of Rhode Island, graduating with a B.A. in music performance and a minor in communications. Living in Los Angeles for the last 10 years, John has made a name for himself as the musical mastermind and sidekick on "Live! From the Future ... With Stuart Paap" on, as well as a songwriter extraordinaire for the popular and humorous band "The Fresh." He has also composed music featured on national television. John plays guitar and piano and has a certain uncanny ability to compose comedic ditties on the spot.

Combining his love for ditties with kitties was a natural progression for John, and he is proud to begin his adventure into the world of television as the host for Animal Planet's new show Must Love Cats -- with a guitar in one hand and a feline in the other. Coming soon to a kitty near you!

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