A Q&A With John Fulton Must Love Cats

posted: 05/15/12
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Q & A With John Fulton
Katja Heineman/DCL
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1. Favorite place in the world: Los Angeles, but only when the traffic is horrible.

2. Perfect day: The day I won (enter event and award here).

3. Food can't live without: That's a very good point.

4. Fondest memory: When Ryan said to me, "YOU are the American Idol!"

5. Hobby: Taking Hipstamatic photos around town.

6. Biggest pet peeve: When people ask me what my biggest pet peeve is.

7. Second biggest pet peeve: OK. YOU NEED TO STOP NOW!

8. Best thing I read in the last year: "Truth in Comedy" by Charna Halpern and Del Close.

9. Inspiration: Music we haven't created yet.

10. Looking forward to: Creating that music.

11. Least favorite word: Ointment.

12. Stress reliever: Driving a Maserati. Can I please borrow someone's?

13. Celebrity to play you in a movie: Feature film: Ryan Reynolds. Made for TV movie: Jason Lee.

14. Most recent Facebook status update: "I get a lot of looks when I ride my bicycle but the best one is the 'sorry about your DUI' look."

15. Favorite guilty pleasure: Making a 12-cheese pizza burrito.

16. Song you know the most lyrics to: "Cougar" by The Fresh.

17. Favorite non-Animal Planet Show: Children's Hospital.

18: Favorite non-Animal Planet Show you're embarrassed to admit you watch: Gossip Girl.

19: All-time favorite restaurant: Maestros, but I still can't get a reservation.

20: Best pet memory: The first time I brought my first cat Maxine home with me. We changed her name to "Kitty".

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