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In our celebrity-worshipping culture, actors, TV hosts, models and singers take on the stature of mythic deities and heroes. But unlike their legendary predecessors, our modern-day heroes, underneath their impressively-toned physiques and perfect hair, remain human, and are just as vulnerable to the commonplace problem of animal phobias as the rest of us. But which animals are they afraid of? Show your celebrity acumen with this quiz.

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Which celebrity is unlikely ever to show up at the Westminster Dog Show, because of a phobia about canines?

Woody Allen
Ice T.
Kim Kardashian
Mickey Rourke

... Movie comedy director Woody Allen is the celebrity afflicted with a fear of dogs, in addition to myriad other phobias, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. As he noted in his classic film "Annie Hall," he's only been killing spiders since he was 30.


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If Woody Allen isn't available to deal with a big hairy spider that's invaded your kitchen, which of these other celebrities should you not summon to your assistance?

Sylvester Stallone
Miley Cyrus
Simon Cowell
Justin Timberlake

... It'd be a major mistake to call Justin Timberlake, since the smooth, sexy singer has confessed to being afraid of spiders, according to MSN Entertainment. And if a snake or shark shows up in your kitchen, don’t call him either, because he's reportedly afraid of those animals, too.


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Which of these classic Hollywood celebrities was afraid of mice?

John Wayne
Bela Lugosi
Walt Disney
Ava Gardner

... Surprisingly, according to a 2005 New York Times article, the movie luminary afflicted with musophobia was Walt Disney, who, in the weirdest of ironies, made a fortune by creating the loveable animated rodent Mickey Mouse.


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Which of these celebrities is unlikely to ever become a spokesperson for the Vietnamese-American Potbellied Pig Council?

Orlando Bloom
George Clooney
Roseanne Barr
Terry Bradshaw

... Actor Orlando Bloom reportedly is the most famous sufferer from an irrational fear of swine, according to a 2007 Fox News story. Maybe he should seek advice from fellow thespian George Clooney, who used to own a pet pig, or from football star and announcer Terry Bradshaw, who raises them to provide free pork products for impoverished people.


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Which of these actors has no problem getting in an elephant's mouth, but is afraid of horses?

Verne Troyer
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Robert Pattinson
Harrison Ford

... Robert Pattinson, the hunky co-star of the film version of "Water for Elephants," was comfortable riding around in the mouth of Thai the elephant. "It just seemed like a good place to be," he said in an interview. But he confessed to being badly shaken after having to do a scene in which he had to pretend to be knocked down by a stallion. "I'm kind of relatively scared of horses," he later explained to USA Today.


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