Shorty’s Pit Bulls

posted: 05/15/12
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Meet Shorty's Pit Bulls
Meet the Crew[b]Shorty Rossi, The Boss[/b], [b]Ashley Brooks, Receptionist [/b], [b]Ronald Lee Clark, Booking Assistant [/b], [b]Sebastian Saraceno, Entertainment Coordinator[/b]


Geisha was rescued by Shorty from a Los Angeles Animal Shelter in 2000 at 9 months old. When Shorty wanted to get his first pit bull after his incarceration, he went to the North Central Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. After looking at the dozens of pit bulls in the shelter, he came across Geisha, a dog that was supposed to be euthanized that day. Shorty immediately fell in love with Geisha and adopted her.

Shorty actually had to come back later that evening to pick up Geisha because she needed to be fixed. When he returned, he was informed that she hadn't yet been fixed and so the shelter couldn't release her. The staff recommended that Shorty get another dog instead. Shorty had a friend at the shelter who helped sneak Geisha out the back door and into a new life.

Geisha became Shorty's "alter ego" and began to go him wherever he went. In the process, she became a poster dog for pit bulls. When Shorty injured his back, Geisha was his first service animal.

Not only is Geisha a service dog, she frequently volunteers at nursing homes, schools, charity functions and hospitals. Geisha is also an actress - she has appeared in music videos and print ads!


Hercules was rescued in 2004 in Las Vegas when he was just 6 weeks old.  A destructive puppy during his first nine months of life, Hercules was almost adopted to a family when Shorty moved from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Shorty decided not to give Hercules away, and the rest is history!

After some intense training, Hercules became Shorty's closest companion. When Shorty injured his back, Hercules was trained as his second service animal; Geisha is his first. Hercules' training as a service animal and entertainment dog was a complete success for Shorty.

On his first day as a service animal, Hercules traveled by train. From the start, he acted as if he'd doing this for years. Switching trains, Hercules encountered his first challenge. The train system had delays due to technical problems, which led to overcrowding. Hercules was completely surrounded. As he could do nothing, he sat still and slept the entire ride.

Upon arriving in San Francisco, Hercules and Shorty caught a cable car. Once again, Hercules acted as if he'd been doing this for years. Following their cable-car trip, Hercules and Shorty said their prayers at a local church and then had play time in Washington Square Park. Next, they went to lounge and drink wine with old "paisans". Once the break was over, they took a mini bus back to the train station to return home. Not bad for a day's work!

Hercules does all sorts of service-dog work and also attends charity events. He has also performed in film, commercials and television. Despite the chaos and excitement frequently surrounding him, Hercules always is pleased to be around people. When Geisha grew older and more difficult in public, Hercules became Shorty's No. 1 service animal. He has traveled all over the country and promoted himself in a positive light … even though pit bulls usually have such a bad rap. Hercules certainly has established himself in the L.A. scene - he even has his own IMDB page!

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