Meet Ronald Lee Clark

Meet Ronald Lee Clark
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Meet Ronald Lee Clark

Ronald was born in Seoul, South Korea, to a single mother who could not take care of him for unknown reasons. As a result, he was left at the local police station when he was just 2 years old. He immediately was taken in by a local orphanage, where he resided for about a year. After a lengthy adoption process, through the help of Little People of America, Ronald was flown to Denver, Colo., to meet his new family.

Ronald was raised in a small town called Choctaw, a suburb of Oklahoma City. As he grew older, Ronald wanted to participate in sports but soon realized he was never going to excel like his fellow peers. Along with managing his high school's baseball team, Ron became the team mascot in his junior year.

After high school, Ronald tried out for the cheerleading program at Trinity Valley Community College, in Athens, Texas, and landed the role as the Cardinal. The following year, he won a national championship with the squad.

In 2001, Ronald moved to Los Angeles. While acting and performing at Shortywood events, he met Shorty and Sebastian. Through his friendship with Sebastian, Ronald joined Shorty's team at Shortywood Productions about two years ago. As booking assistant, he helps Shorty and Sebastian organize jobs, including confirming the talent, arranging travel for their many out-of-town events, and organizing costumes, hair and makeup.

Like everyone who works with Shorty, Ronald couldn't avoid working with pit bulls, since Hercules and Geisha go everywhere Shorty goes. Soon Ronald found himself pulled more and more into the pit bull rescue world. He has been learning the ropes, attending dog rescues and awareness events, and enjoying the responsibilities of training pit bulls for entertainment jobs and for interaction with new dogs in preparation for adoption.

In his spare time, Ronald enjoys acting, performing, traveling and working out.

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