Meet Sebastian Saraceno


Sebastian, 31, was raised in Glastonbury, Conn., and Clearwater, Fla., in an average-height family. At the persistent encouragement of his middle-school physical education teacher, Sebastian joined his high school's wrestling team, which shaped his interest in competitive sports. He attended the University of South Florida, where he earned his bachelor of science degree in wellness leadership. During college, Sebastian and his sister adopted a lab/chow mix from the Humane Society, thereby inciting his passion for dogs.

Sebastian is very active in the performing arts. He first became involved in theater and then shifted his focus to TV and film, with a critical move to Los Angeles. During his time in L.A., Sebastian has worked at Shortywood Productions and also is involved with Shorty's Pit Bull Rescue.

Sebastian, often referred to as Shorty's right-hand man, has worked with Shorty for nearly seven years and prides himself on his organizational skills - something Shorty sometimes lacks! Once Shorty manages the financial part of a Shortywood deal, Sebastian handles many of the logistical details of the entertainment jobs and tries to ensure that things run smoothly. As pit bull rescue has become a bigger part of Shorty's life, Sebastian also has taken on more responsibility in the rescue business, by going on dog rescues, helping to find foster and permanent homes for needy dogs, and spreading pit bull awareness.

Shea, Sebastian's girlfriend of one year, is a physical therapist and a little person. Sebastian's social life is small, but his friendships are long-lasting. He has friends who are little people and of average height.

Sebastian is roommates with his co-worker Ronald, and the two have been good friends for many years. They often hang out together because of their similar interests in acting and fitness.

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