Dan Schachner

Dan Schachner is a television host, commercial actor and announcer celebrating his rookie year as the Puppy Bowl referee. Dan is confident he possesses the discipline and stamina required to ref the biggest game in animal sports and looks forward to upholding the title of "The Ref". Dan lives in Manhattan with his two young sons and wife (sorry, ladies). Below, find out all you need to know about the newest face in puppy football.

Name: Dan Schachner. Also known as "The Ref"

Hometown: Oceanside, NY

Most Unexpected Moment: Receiving the honorary ref whistle and gold-plated pooper scooper in a moving pre-game ceremony. I would be lying if I said my emotions didn't run high that day. But I had a very important job to do and tried my best to focus on the task at hand -- making sure those pups played a fair game.

How You Became "The Ref": When I first found out Animal Planet was on the hunt for a new Puppy Bowl ref, I knew my true calling in life had come. I quickly grabbed my camcorder and sent in an audition tape highlighting my puppy refereeing skills and sense of humor. To my surprise, they "bit", and now I'm calling the most important game of my life!

Responsibilities of the Puppy Bowl Ref: My job is to make sure the puppies play a safe, clean game. I call puppy penalties, which can lead to expulsion if necessary, and I also call the touchdowns â€" just like a football referee. And of course, there are always puppy "messes" to clean up.

Favorite Puppy Bowl VIII Moment: Watching our MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) carry a chew toy across the goal line for the third time. I celebrated by blowing my whistle and jumping for joy; he celebrated with a "puppy foul" in the end zone. It was at that very moment that I knew I was witnessing history.

Favorite Penalties to Call: "Unnecessary ruff, ruff, ruff-ness," "Unpuppylike conduct," "Illegal Use of the Paws," "Illegal Retriever Down Field" and "Excessive cuteness on the Field."

Other Places to See (and Hear) Dan: Correspondent for Beer Money on SNY, as "Scott" in the Scott Towels ad campaign, the voice of Capital One Bank radio and Subway sandwich commercials, promos for the Showtime network and the announcer of the Nate Berkus Show.

Interests: Refereeing puppies pretending to play football, sports trivia, acting, voice-over work and tending to my three pet catfish.

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