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When it comes to triathlons in the dog world, the traditional swimming, cycling and running components are replaced by agility, flyball and extreme Frisbee. Boo, representing the Whippet breed from the sighthound family (similar both physically and actively to greyhounds), took the 2005 Extreme Canines Triathlon by storm with a first place win. U.S. Olympic tri-athlete Susan Rene Bartholomew-Williams also showed impressive endurance as she took the Bronze in her second triathlon during the 2004 Games, with a total time of 2:05:08.92. Her split times were 19:02 for the swim, 1:08:58 for the cycling, and 0:37:08 for the run. It's too bad there's not a triathlon that involves, say, eating, shopping, and sleeping - raise your hand if you'd qualify for that competition!

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