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posted: 10/28/16
Puppy Bowl Kiss Cam
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Pucker up! We want to see your dog on the Puppy Bowl Kiss Cam!
Animal Planet


Do you have an all-star pet in your life just itching to make it to the big time? Well, here is your big chance to help them shine! We're looking for adorable moments caught on video of your favorite furry friends to be featured in the Puppy Bowl XVI Kiss Cam.

Want to submit a video? Follow these steps:

1. Record video at least 20 seconds long of dogs kissing dogs, kids kissing dogs (and other cute animals), animals kissing animals...the cuter, the better! Make sure your phone's capture setting is set to 'most compatible' and capture your video in the highest resolution possible. Be sure to shoot the video HORIZONTALLY for widescreen view. Avoid shooting any logos.

2. Email your clip to no later than November 8, 2019. Please include your name and contact information.

If we're interested in using your clip, we will email you to get more information.

Just remember: If your video is selected to be on-air, you will be required to sign a photo/video release and an appearance release, and your video/appearance may be used in connection with sponsors (e.g. Pedigree Puppy, etc.).

Good luck!

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