Puppy Bowl VIII: Tail-gate Party Decorations Guide

posted: 05/15/12

We've got puppy spirit! Yes, we do! We've got puppy spirit! How about you?

Creating the perfect Puppy Bowl party is easy! Get started by decorating your home or front entrance with a sports and puppy theme. Try these ideas to get your guests in the spirit:

1. Draw large paw prints in chalk leading up to your house.

2. Hang a sign on your door that says "Welcome to the Dog House"

3. Make puppy pennants by cutting fabric of your choice into triangles and decorating with bones, paw prints, funny phrases or footballs. Hang these along an entryway or your mantle by using twine and clothes pins.

4. Use cute dog bowls as serving dishes for your tail-gate party spread. Try this personalized dog bowl project.

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