Jazzy Dog Collars Tail-gate Party Guide Puppy Bowl

posted: 05/15/12

Every pup has her own personality. So why not showcase that personality on her leash or collar by personalizing it with a little bling and a lot of sparkle. These make for a great activity to share with your Puppy Bowl crowd or as party favors to hand out at the end of the evening.


* An assortment of collars and leashes (purchase appropriate-sized collars and leashes for specific canine guests)

* A variety pack of rhinestones, beads and other embellishments

* Fabric glue

Step 1

Flatten out your leash or collar onto a safe work surface, and use a little water to undo any kinks in the line.

Step 2

Choose the embellishments you'd like to use in your design. Lay them out on the leash or collar to ensure spacing and to make sure you like the design.

Step 3

Place a small amount of the fabric glue on each embellishment and firmly press it into place. If any extra glue spills out from underneath, simply wipe it off with a wet cloth or tissue.

Step 4

Let your creation dry for at least an hour — if not overnight — before adorning your pooch with her new accessory.

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