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Weigh in on Rattlesnake Republic

posted: 11/12/12
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An image from Rattlesnake Republic.
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Animal Planet has a long history of exploring the complicated relationships between humans and animals with which we share this planet - from joyful and magnificent to fascinating and controversial including interactions that may spark debate.

One such series that has sparked debates is Rattlesnake Republic, a returning series that follows bigger-than-life characters who take part in a rare subculture in the United States. The series is intended to introduce the real individuals who choose to live among the dangerous world of rattlesnakes. Rattlesnake Republic was originally tested as a one-hour pilot and has found an audience among Animal Planet viewers, but does not necessarily reflect the views of the network, its employees or its viewers.

Rattlesnake Republic follows several individuals who take part in the Texas tradition of rattlesnake hunting. In Texas, and six other states in the U.S., rattlesnake hunting is regulated and requires permits and licenses to participate.

Animal Planet is aware of the controversy that may come from the series and intends it to showcase other perspectives on rattlesnakes. We want to hear what you think and encourage you to share your thoughts and concerns in the comments below.

To learn more about Rattlesnake Republic, please visit the show site.

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