SEASON 6 (2014)


Episode: Amazon Apocalypse

It was hailed as the safest boat on the river, but when the Sobral Santos sank on a pitch-black night, it's said many of the passengers were eaten alive. The death toll ran into the hundreds and dwarfs all of angling explorer Jeremy Wade’s previous investigations combined. So, what was to blame? A river this vast hides many dangerous secrets, and Jeremy will have to travel hundreds of miles to retrace the doomed boat’s last voyage. On the way he faces adversaries, old and new, as he goes to extreme lengths to uncover what was behind the Amazon Apocalypse. Premiere: April 6, 2014

HOW TO CATCH A RIVER MONSTER: How to Catch a Red-Tailed Catfish

VIDEO: Can Dolphins Be Deadly? | Warning - Giant Catfish Jaws May Cause BLEEDING | Bonus Scene: Grieving Doctor Must Identify Human Remains Inside Fish

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Episode: Jungle Terminator

Biologist and freshwater detective Jeremy Wade continues his year of Amazon exploration, investigating three mysterious deaths in three separate countries: Peru, Colombia and Brazil. The bodies have been recovered with bizarre injuries, the likes of which Jeremy has never seen before. In a bid to get to the truth, Jeremy embarks on his most remote mission yet, crossing dangerous borders and passing through the territories of warring tribes to live with the Matis, a mysterious, secretive tribe, deep in the Brazilian Amazon. Can they get him closer to the terrifying creature he’s come so far to find? Premiere: April 13, 2014

HOW TO CATCH A RIVER MONSTER: All the Survival Gear You'll Ever Need

VIDEO: Kevlar, Steel, Human Flesh - Things Piranha Teeth Can Bite Through | Beware of Human-Flesh-Roasting Electric Eels | How Electric Eel Burns Can Kill You | Bonus Scene: Fishing with Amazon Natives, Back to Basics

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Episode: River of Blood

The Amazon’s predator-filled waters don’t stop at the edge of the rainforest - they infiltrate out into a desolate and dangerous hinterland of rivers and marshes, where angler and explorer Jeremy Wade hears reports of a brutal underwater mutilation that severed a young man’s genitals. In this often lawless, forgotten place home to lethal and bloodthirsty creatures Jeremy is on a new mission that will bring him face-to-face with one of South America’s greatest freshwater fighting fish. Nothing will stop him from hunting down the slasher stalking Argentina’s River of Blood. Premiere: April 20, 2014

HOW TO CATCH A RIVER MONSTER: How to Catch a Golden Dorado

VIDEO: Meet the 'Lightning Fast, Super Lacerater,' Golden Dorado | Elusive 'River Tiger' Tears Into Human Flesh, No Regrets | Hunting a Monster, Finding Other Killers Along the Way | Bonus Scene: Armored Catfish Defenses Reveal River Predators

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Episode: Man-Eating Monster

All over the Amazon, Jeremy Wade has heard stories of a monster fish that grows so large, it’s said to swallow men whole. Locals call it the lau-lau but after 20 years of searching, from Peru to Brazil and Colombia, the evidence Jeremy needs - a single colossal specimen - stills eludes him. Now though, he’s discovered a secret, untouched location deep in Guyana’s remote rainforests where he suspects they may be thriving. Embedding himself in the wild jungle, this time it’s different: he’s not coming back until he catches it. Premiere: May 4, 2014

HOW TO CATCH A RIVER MONSTER: How to Catch a Piraiba

VIDEO: How to Turn a Nut Into a Fish! MAGIC! | Catch of a Lifetime - Reeling In a Piraiba Beast | Bonus Scene: Massive Turtles Not As Slow As You Think

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Episode: Bone Crusher

When a corpse is found with highly unusual injuries, Jeremy Wade instinctively knows he’s on the trail of a new monster. Digging deeper, he soon uncovers the dead body is only the tip of the iceberg - there’s also been a spate of unexplained disappearances. And, people have seen a huge unknown creature patrolling the water. Could all three things be connected? To solve this mystery Jeremy confronts one of his biggest fears and encounters a river monster that he’s NEVER dealt with before. Premiere: May 18, 2014


Episode: Body Snatcher

From the extreme north of South America, freshwater detective Jeremy Wade hears rumors of a body-snatching spirit said to drag men deep into the river, never to be seen again. A predatory freshwater mermaid, locals call her the Water Mama. She may be a beast of mythology, but the carnage she leaves in her wake is all too real. People are disappearing without trace, one-by-one from these waters and Jeremy is convinced there is a flesh and blood River Monster lurking behind the legend of the Killer Mermaids. Premiere: May 26, 2014


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