Goonch Catfish

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For goonch, I use 90-pound breaking strain with a trace of flexible 47-strand wire.
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Tackle and Techniques

But when targeting them, your gear needs to take account of their potential size and the nature of the water. With sharp rocks in the river, braided line is out. So it has to be monofilament, which wears much better, but this is inherently difficult to fish with in heavier strengths.

I was using mono in 90-pound breaking strain, with a trace of flexible 47-strand wire. There’s a common view that predatory fish are pretty dumb, so rods can be left to fish themselves. But I’ve found goonch to be extraordinarily sensitive and canny. I’m very particular about presenting the bait cleanly – I like to feel the lead bumping on the bottom, moving it occasionally to search the water. If the line is wrapped round a rock, preventing the bait from moving freely, goonch won’t touch it.

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