Nile Perch

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Good trolling lures for Nile perch.
Animal Planet/DCL

Precarious Fishing

The most productive way to catch the bigger fish is trolling lures behind the boat. But this is not the preferred method for many anglers, as the results are largely down to the knowledge of the boatman.

More demanding is to stalk the fish from the shore. Sometimes you can see the long shadows in the water below as you pick your way along a precarious cliff top. Other times there’s nothing, and you’re just about to swing in the lure when something appears from nowhere and wrenches the line vertically down into impossibly deep water below your feet.

Shore-caught fish are normally smaller, but stay in the memory longer, because of the stronger context. My biggest was about 50 pounds, some 4 feet in length, and my guide Mohammed had to scramble down a cliff to unhook it, while I watched from a precarious perch 20 feet above. As he did so, two other fish rose from the depths and calmly observed proceedings before melting away.

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