Alligator Gar

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An Alligator Gar, 111 lbs., nearly 7 feet long - Jeremy Wade with Mark Spitzer and guide Bubba Bedre. More Alligator Gar Pictures >>
Animal Planet/DCL

By Jeremy Wade

Where They Are Found: Trinity River, Texas, U.S.A.

Winding and muddy, lots of dead wood. Flows into Gulf of Mexico.

Finding Gar

High summer and low water is the hot time for gar, but the muddy water of the Trinity River is full of hidden tree stumps, which can make short work of a propeller. And with a chewed prop you’re not going to get the boat up on the plane, so you won’t clear the shallow, snaggy runs. This is where an airboat comes into its own – no props in the water.

Once at the chosen stretch, the ear-blasting motor is cut, and silence is the order of the day – which is not easy when you’ve got a film crew of 4 moving around with boom poles, dangling cables, etc. Alligator gar are hyper-sensitive to boat noise – the slightest knock against the hull can spook them. So we sit tight, holding our breath.

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