Black Piranha

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Black piranha, approximately 1 lb. See More Piranha Pictures >>
Animal Planet/DCL

By Jeremy Wade

Where They Are Found: Balbina Reservoir, Brazil

Black stained water (like tea), large areas of dead trees. Flows into Amazon River, then Atlantic Ocean

Baiting Piranha

Balbina has large numbers of black piranha, the largest piranha species. Fishing for these is fairly straightforward, the main thing being to have a few inches of wire above the hook. (A low-tech alternative, used by the locals, is to wrap a strip of metal from an old battery round the line, to give an extra-long hook shank.)

On this occasion I was using liver, but bits of fish or meat are equally good. It’s not delicate fishing. Instead of being quiet, I whisked the water with the rod tip to mimic the sound of something thrashing on the surface. Another trick used by the locals is to plop the bait repeatedly on the surface, the harder the better.

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