Nile Perch

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Nile perch, approximately 50 lbs. See More Nile Perch Pictures >>
Animal Planet/DCL

By Jeremy Wade

Where They Are Found: Lake Nasser, Egypt

Vast man-made lake surrounded by mountainous desert. Part of River Nile, flows into Mediterranean Sea

Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser is like no other place on earth, over 200 miles long and up to 400 feet deep. I usually find big waters intimidating because they are often featureless at first sight, just a huge sheet of water. But this is not the case with Lake Nasser. The shoreline is a labyrinth of inlets and islands, changing all the time because of variable water level. And the underwater geography is equally varied: cliffs, drop-offs, shallows … so lots of places for an ambush predator to lurk.

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