Wels Catfish

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Wels catfish, 163 lbs., 7 ft. 4 in. See More Wels Catfish Pictures >>
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By Jeremy Wade

Where They Are Found: Rio Ebro, Spain

Small river turned massive new habitat thanks to three dams. Flows into Mediterranean Sea.

Fishing for Wels Catfish

Summer in Spain is supposed to be sunny. But we experienced some heavy storms and were even rained off the river. But weather can add to the drama of a catch.

I was fishing up the Rio Segre, a tributary of the Ebro, with my baits close to the reeds on the far bank. Because this is further than anyone can cast a 1-pound weight and a “doughnut” of 5 halibut pellets, we placed the baits by the boat. Because of the strong flow and possible arrival of floating weeds, my guide Enrico tied each line halfway up a reed stem to keep more of it out of the water. Then I tightened up, putting a gentle bend in each rod, and sat back to wait.

It’s a bit like the beach fishing I used to do after cod, with little success. Right down to the bell on the rod.

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