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About Snake Man of Appalachia

posted: 10/31/12
Animal Planet

SNAKE MAN OF APPALACHIA follows the lives of the Shorts, an extraordinary Appalachian family with deep roots in the Serpent-handling religion.

The series captures the family's everyday successes as they struggle to escape the grinding poverty of eastern Kentucky mountain life, while still remaining true to their roots. Together, parents Verlin and Reva are raising two daughters; 16-year-old Denishea, 13-year-old "Peetie," and 8-year-old twin boys, Jeremiah and Mackenzie. Verlin attends serpent-handling churches, disappears into the mountains for snake hunts, and keeps 40+ rattlesnakes and copperheads as pets and for use in religious services. Reva hates snakes and doesn't want to be anywhere near them.

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