WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Dives Deep Into Tanked on His Podcast

posted: 04/20/17
Brett and Wayde with Chris Jericho.
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Brett and Wayde with Chris Jericho.

Building a tank for WWE superstar Chris Jericho is a heavyweight job.

Wayde and Brett go into what it was really like to build a "Jericho-worthy" tank on the pro wrestler's podcast, Talk Is Jericho. Hear how the duo got into the business and what it's like building tanks for celebrities--from a "Jaws"-themed tank for Tracy Morgan to a Noah's Ark-themed tank for Betty White and the Morris Animal Foundation.

Listen to the full Tanked Is Jericho podcast and don't miss the season premiere of Tanked on April 21 at 8/7c.

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