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Some say animals can detect paranormal visitors, but what happens when it’s the animals that are doing the haunting? See what you know about these famous animal ghosts.

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This big city ghost has a thing for politics. Seen roaming the halls of the U.S. Capitol, the White House, and along the National Mall, its appearance is said to signal coming national disasters. Its initials, D.C., stand for:

Devil of Columbia
Demon Crocodile
Deadly Chimpanzee
Demon Cat

... At a distance, the Demon Cat of Washington D.C. appears as a kitten. Upon closer inspection, the kitten grows into an angry tiger-like ghost with gleaming red eyes. Reportedly spotted before the 1929 stock market crash, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, this is one cat you don’t want to run into. Some say Demon Cat is a remnant of a solution to rat problems at the Capitol. Police let cats loose in the building in order to hunt down and control the rat population. Demon Cat arrived for the hunt, but never left.


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Upon seeing an apparition in the form of this animal, a Tower of London guard died of fright. What do you think he saw?

a tiger
a lion
a bear
a vulture

... In January 1816, a sentry saw a bear. Thinking that the animal had escaped from the Tower’s menagerie, he attempted to stab it with his bayonet, only to have the blade pass straight through the apparition. The man was so terrified by the incident that he collapsed and died a few days later.


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The animal ghosts of deadly battles long-past are said haunt which of the following ancient ruins?

Machu Picchu
The Colosseum
The Parthenon
Chichen Itza

... The Colosseum of Ancient Rome played host to many creatures who were forced to fight each other or humans as a form of entertainment. When the fights were over, the remaining animals were cruelly slaughtered. Some say their ghosts haunt the ancient stadium, making noises and sometimes sitting in the seats at night.


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What American battlegrounds are said to be haunted by the soldiers and horses who died there?


... The Civil War Battlefield at Gettysburg spooks tourists and residents alike with ghostly appearances by soldiers and their horses.


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The Los Angeles Pet Cemetery is home to one of the most fashionable ghosts of a beloved pet. Which famous designer was the owner of this ghostly Great Dane?

Alexander McQueen
Gianni Versace
Rudolph Valentino
Coco Chanel

... The ghost of Rudolph Valentino's Dane, Kabar, is said to lick passing visitors at the cemetery, making him a particularly friendly and harmless animal ghost.


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The eerie sounds of stampeding animals can be heard near Blanco Canyon Reservoir in Texas. Legend tells a grisly story of what occurred there in the 1880s, causing these animals to stampede off a 200-foot cliff. Name the unfortunate animals that made up the herd:


... Stampede Mesa, the site where approximately 1200 cattle plummeted to their deaths, is considered extremely haunted. As the story goes, an argument between some cowboys and an old traveler ended badly. The traveler, angry that the cowboys and their herd had evicted him from his resting place, provoked a stampede while the cowboys were sleeping. Not only did most of the herd perish, but two cowboys were killed as well. The remaining cowboys exacted their revenge when they found and captured the old traveler, tied him to a horse, and ran the poor animal off the cliff to join the carnage at the bottom.


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The Pony Express was a fast mail delivery service that carried mail on horseback from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. One of the stations where Pony Express riders stopped to rest is said to be haunted. This station is located in:


... The Hollenberg Station in Hanover, Kansas remains largely untouched since the days of the Pony Express. Some say that ghosts of the riders and horses who stayed there haunt the old building. Cold spots and odd noises have been reported, including the sounds of ghostly hooves pounding outside the station.


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In the U.K., the ghost of Lady Howard of Dartmoor is famously frightening. The Lady, who suspiciously went through four husbands in her lifetime, travels the night in her ghostly carriage. Her only companion is a spooky animal friend in the form of a:


... Lady Howard is accompanied by a savage black dog with menacing red eyes and large fangs. The pair travel in a carriage made of the bones of her dead husbands. They make a nightly journey to the grounds of Okehampton Castle, where her canine companion gets out to pluck a single blade of grass from the Castle’s lawn. Lady Howard will only be able to rest in peace once every blade of grass has been removed. Or so they say.


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