Are You Being Haunted in Pennsylvania?

posted: 05/15/12

Reading Paranormal Society

Featured in Episode 204: "Don't Go In the Attic"

Reading Paranormal Society (RPS) is a truth-driven paranormal research group hailing from Berks County in southeastern Pennsylvania. RPS handles every case professionally and meticulously to ensure successful results. Clients speak highly of the methods of RPS, from the initial interview where their personable team members ask important questions and befriend the troubled, through the investigation where RPS attempts to debunk claims first and foremost. Even after all data is reviewed and all evidence is revealed to their clients, RPS team members still keep in touch with clients to ensure their safety.

RPS is equipped with many different types of equipment and investigatory methods to ensure a complete investigation in every circumstance. If an instance comes up where RPS cannot yield answers, the team will travel other avenues to find the ones who can, because the clients' safety and comfort is of far greater importance than a team's individual milestones.

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The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association

Featured in Episode 102: "Lost Souls of the Asylum," Episode 103: "Murder at the Black Horse" and Episode 119

The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association, located in the Lackawanna Valley of Northeastern Pennsylvania, responds to and investigates reports of paranormal activity and hauntings in Pennsylvania and parts of New York and New Jersey. Their goal is to help people in need, identify what type of activity is occurring in their home or business and to educate the public about the paranormal.

Many people are legitimately scared and feel isolated and alone in this experience. The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association tries to ease those fears and put people in touch with similar individuals sharing the same feelings and experiences.


Mark Keyes: Director Lauren Keyes: Assistant Director

Bob McGuire: Investigator

Joe Hawk: Investigator

Ben the Dog: Mascot/Investigator

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North East Pennsylvania Paranormal

Featured in Episode 103: "Murder at the Black Horse"

North East Pennsylvania Paranormal is a group of eight investigators all out to seek the truth. They have all come together with their own paranormal experiences and questions, and they all want to see what they can find out there. They do believe the paranormal exists, and want some answers.


Bob Christopher: Cofounder/Tech Specialist

Katie Christopher: Cofounder/Case Manager

Alissa Timko: Investigator

Laurie Moore: Psychic/Medium

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Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society

Featured in Episode 110: "Leave Now or Die"

Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society (EPPS) is an experienced paranormal research team who uses scientific equipment and special investigative techniques to assist them in finding the truth. While most of the team has had their own paranormal experiences, they approach each and every case as unique, and use a skeptical but open-minded approach. Their passion for the paranormal has led them up a long road of exploration and wonder and their experiences have enabled them to effectively help others in need of their services.

EPPS operates in a highly professional and organized manner putting safety before actions. They use numerous pieces of scientific equipment and special "effective" investigative techniques to do our research. They are highly committed to their clients and treat all of clients with respect and privacy. It is their goal and passion to help those who are experiencing a haunting or any paranormal activity and to help them feel comfortable in their own home or place of business again. EPPS team members are diversified with members including a retired Police Officer, a Bank Manager, an Animal Shelter Specialist, a Self Employed Business Man and a PhD.


William (Bill) Cook: Founder/Investigator/Case Manager/Web Master

Brenton (Brent) Cook: Co-Founder/Investigator/Equipment Manager

Anita Mulholland: Investigator/Sensitive

John Mulholland: Investigator/Debunking Specialist

Jennifer Duda: Investigator/Researcher

Danielle Ponzio: Investigator/Case Manager

Cary Moran: Investigator

Jill Stefko, PhD: Investigator/Educator

Bob Davis: Investigator/Historian/Skeptic/Debunker

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Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society

Featured in Episode 111: "The Bloody Man"

Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society (H.A.P.S.) is a Pennsylvania-based paranormal research team that validates or disproves any claims of paranormal activity in and around Pennsylvania , Maryland and Virginia.

Their team utilizes high- and low-end scientific equipment to capture and record all of their findings. They have used psychics or mediums in our past investigations to try and fill in the blanks to some of their questions of what may have occurred in the location to trigger this activity.

Overall, they base their conclusions on facts and evidence that they have collected through their investigating. They make sure they are 100 percent positive that a location is experiencing paranormal activity before they come to a client claiming their home is haunted.

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Lights Out Paranormal Research Team

Featured in Episode 113: "Horror in the Closet"

Lights Out Paranormal Research Team was formed with one purpose in mind: helping people cope with and understand the unknown. They operate under the premise that most occurrences that seem to be paranormal at first can be explained using scientific investigation. Unshielded electrical lines, drafty rooms and windows, headlights from passing traffic, etc., can all be causes for what people perceive as paranormal activity.

However, in those instances where the paranormal is the only explanation left, they also have the equipment to capture evidence and communicate with any spirits present. Regardless of the situation, their aim is to help those who are looking for an explanation for what is occurring around them. Not all investigations will yield answers, but they will do their best to get as much quality evidence as possible.

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QUEST Paranormal Society

Featured in Episode 113: "Horror in the Closet"

The QUEST Paranormal Society is dedicated and driven to seek the truth about what lies beyond. The QUEST team thoroughly and professionally investigates claims of the paranormal. Their objective, while keeping a skeptical attitude and an open mind, is to prove the existence of a world just out of the reach of our own.

They strive for conclusive results, to find answers and closure for our clients. Their approach is scientifically based. They use the latest equipment and techniques, and are always exploring new avenues of investigative techniques in their quest for the truth. Visit their website >> Paranormal Environmental Explanations from Research Featured in Episode 115: "Killer from the Grave" The Paranormal Environmental Explanations from Research (P.E.E.R.) is committed to the investigation and research of properties and events of a paranormal nature. It is their mission and goal to explore the mystery of haunted sites using knowledge they acquire from interviews, research, and investigation along with the use of photographic, electromagnetic, and thermal detection equipment. They are members of communities in South Central Pennsylvania and are aware of the historical significance and preservation of the houses and properties that are an integral part of this country's landscape and history. They are committed to supporting and preserving that history. Visit their website >>

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