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5 Cool Items to Add to Your Treehouse

posted: 02/28/14

1) Zip line:

Zip lines are mostly safe and fun at the same time. There's nothing better than feeling like Tarzan with your hair blowing through the wind while gliding above the trees!

2) Pulley

Whether it's sophisticated or homemade, a clothesline pulley with a bucket can be used to bring in snacks or to lower things to the ground. These homemade devices are also fun tools for children to use.

3) Fire Pole

A fire pole can be a fun way to make a quick exit from high in the trees. It can also add a little extra flair to your tree house structure.

4) Swing

Spending time on a tree house swing can be a fun pastime that brings back the carefree remnants of childhood. There's nothing like a nice sway with a cool breeze blowing against your face!

5) Slide

This accessory is very child friendly as well, and can give your tree house more of a "secret getaway" vibe. Plus it can be used as a quick way to escape if someone disturbs you in your secret hideout!

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