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World’s Most Ultimate Treehouses

posted: 06/09/14
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The Fuselage Treehouse in Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Fuselage Treehouse

The Fuselage Treehouse is located in Costa Verde, Costa Rica, perched on the edge of the jungles of Manuel Antonio. Surrounding the 135 foot long Cercopia tree is a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe that has been refurbished into of the most exclusive hotel suites Costa Rica has to offer.

The airframe had previously been resting in a San Jose airport but later carefully transported and rested on its 50 foot pedestal. Inside this ultimate 2-bedroom treehouse is furnished by hand-carved teak wood taken straight from the rainforest. Each bedroom is air conditioned and has its own private bath. The terrace offers guests a chance to observe all the wildlife including sloths, toucans, and monkeys. Perhaps one of the best views is from the cockpit where guests can truly have the feeling of flying across the ocean.

Planning a trip to Costa Rica? A night in this unique hotel is an experience you won't want to miss. Make a reservation and see what it is like to relax on a Boeing 727 in the jungle canopy.

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Goat Leap Treehouse, Orcas Island

Goat Leap Treehouse is located on the east side of Orcas Island is the full time residence for owner, Susan Scott. Orcas Island is located in the north western corner of Washington state and is the largest of the San Juan Islands. It is well known for its lush forests, lakes, and whale watching. Susan's home is supported by a Douglas Fir tree and took three years of construction to complete.

Scott has decorated her home with many different re-purposed materials, reclaimed finds, and an overall cozy feel. One of Susan's favorite parts is her pantry which is covered by chicken wire. Susan's friend Sandi described the treehouse as a "magical, playful world" of which much credit goes to the architect, Mira Jean Steinbrecher. The home features an outdoor kitchen, loft bedroom, and a warm living room.

Susan enjoys her space in peaceful paradise with her three dogs, Hamish, Tallulah, and Dobby.

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La Chene Chapelle Treehouse, Allouville-Bellefosse France

La Chene Chapelle Treehouse is located in a small farming village in Allouville-Bellefosse France. It is the oldest tree in France, and it truly has stood the test of time. To put things into perspective, the reign of Louis IX, the Hundred Years War with England and Napoleon's rise and fall of power have all come and gone since this tree began growing.

In the 1600s the tree was struck by lightning which ended up creating a large hallow part in the trunk. The people believed that this event had a holy purpose and the village priest decided to devote the hollowed out space to the Virgin Mary. Later, a small chapel was constructed with a staircase on the outside of the tree.

The chapels are called the Notre Dame de la Paix (Our Lady of Peace) and the Chambre de l'Ermite(Hermit's Room). The tree is given as much care and attention as possible to ensure that it can live as long as possible.

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The Lakehouse Treehouse, Araras, Brazil

The Lakehouse treehouse was designed by an organization called Casa Na Avore. The company was founded by Ricardo Burnelli who had the goal of fulfilling other's dreams of having a place to call home since he was very young. The small treehouse company is located in the southern part of Brazil near Argentina and has done some amazing work, specifically with this particular home.

The 2 bedroom home is held 20 feet above the forest floor by a very large Eucalyptus tree which goes right through the living room. Much of the furniture is crafted from local tropical hardwood, including the sink in the master bathroom. There are two sweeping walkways which lead out to large decks. These decks provide picturesque views of the lake.

Underneath there is a smaller treehouse for the children and a playground that includes swings, a slide, and a rock climbing wall. Two things are for certain about this ultimate treehouse; it is the perfect hideout for relaxation and is beautifully designed.

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Pirate Treehouse, Prescott, Arizona

The Pirate Treehouse may not look like a treehouse at first glance, but it is actually built on top of a large juniper tree that was struck by lightning long ago. Designer Mike Shepard started out wanted to build a simple treehouse for his grandchildren, but almost a decade later, had a large pirate ship named The Jacobson instead.

Inside the ship holds many artifacts, jewels, gold, and even has a very comfortable loft. The outside of the ship has an upper deck and 4 canons to keep the scallywags away. One of the best parts of the ship however, is that Shepard uses it as a way to promote reading and literacy for children. The Jacobson provides children with a unique experience and inspires their imagination.

It is reported that some thieving scoundrels broke into Shepard's ship in 2013 and stole a large loot, so a sign that reads "Only fools steal from pirates" has since been added to scare away any future scallywags.

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Camp Twin Lakes, Rutledge, Georgia

The Treehouse at Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, Georgia was very carefully designed. The camp hosts thousands of children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges each year. The architecture firm, Lord Aeck Sargent, held an in-house competition to design the treehouse using the requests of the camp, and even sketches from the campers.

The final design features a large meeting room with 4 smaller rooms around the outside and a spiral staircases that leads up to a observation tower that is also known as the "bird's nest". The treehouse also features a spiral slide, swings, room for crafts, and a nature education area. Repurposed telephone poles hold up the treehouse and it is of course, wheelchair accessible.

Camp Twin Lakes does a lot to make sure their campers enjoy the great outdoors, and this treehouse certainly does the trick!

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Treehouse of the Future, designed by Andreas Wenning

Andreas Wenning is designing treehouses of the future. His firm, Baumraum, is located in Germany and designs and builds structures for both children and adults. They have constructed everything from play huts to permanent homes to hotels.

Some of their hotels are located in Germany, Austria, and The United States. You could book a reservation at one of the many options and have an experience of a lifetime. Andreas prides himself on the safety and durability of his designs and as well as the treatment and care of the natural surroundings. Any his designs will give you a peaceful retreat right next to nature in the treetops.

These designs, The Blitz, The Loop, and The Winding Snake are currently only designs at the moment, but hopefully will someday soon become a reality.

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Wilderness Treehouse, Coal Creek, Alaska

Deep in the Alaskan wilderness you will find Eric Schmidt's masterpiece, a treehouse built around White Spruce trees that offers the tranquility and sense of adventure that comes from being miles away from civilization.

Eric Schmidt offers guests of his treehouse a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay and enjoy hiking, fishing, or wildlife observation. Eric is available to serve as a personal guide throughout one's stay. It is suggested that guests are in fairly good physical shape, as the treehouse is not easy to get to. Guests fly from Anchorage to a small lake where they then wade a large creek and hike the 2 miles to the treehouse. The treehouse offers a comfy place for guests to stay as well as offering the essentials for daily life out in the wilderness. To depart, guests raft 5 miles down the creek and hoist the raft into a tree, to be retrieved later, and hike to a larger lake where a plane can safely land and take off.

If any of that starts to make you nervous, not to fear, however, Eric's wilderness skill began over 20 years ago and he has shared his knowledge and experience with hundreds of satisfied clients! You can book your own Alaskan adventure today!

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Treehouse Lodge, Iquitos, Peru

The Treehouse Lodge in Iquitos Peru is one of a kind. In fact, it is the only all-inclusive, luxury lodge open to guests in the Amazon rainforest. It is located near the Pacaya Samiria Reserve along the Cumaceba and Yarapa rivers.

Despite its location, each of the 8 bungalows offer showers, sinks, toilets, and clean white linens. Guests can also appreciate the lodge's sustainable practices such as the solar panels that collect energy throughout the day to later be used in the evening to light the lodge and power fans and electrical outlets.

There is ample opportunity to observe many different species of wildlife. Guests are likely to see many different species of monkeys, birds, fish, insects, and more. Pink dolphins are often found directly in front of the lodge during the high water season of December to May. During the high water season, three of the treehouse bungalows are in a flooded area between the river and the main lodge which makes it even more picturesque.

The Treehouse Lodge is designed to give guests the best possible views of the rainforest and its wildlife. If you are interested in your own Amazon getaway, visit their website to find out more.

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Trillum, Treehouse Point, Washington

The Trillium treehouse is one of the many lodges that you can rent at Treehouse Point in Fall City, Washington. The lodge is built on one side of a beautiful Western Red Cedar and is named for the flowers that grow at its base. The treehouse is reached by a gorgeous spiral staircase.

Pete Nelson designed this treehouse to offer a lot of natural light with two stories of windows that shine onto the sitting area and bedroom. Guests can enjoy waking up and seeing the forest and all of the wildlife that inhabits it. Treehouse Point gives visitors a chance to explore the grounds, relax by the river, roast marshmallows, go for a hike, and more.

Treehouse Point offers a relaxing and peaceful getaway for everything from meetings to weddings, or just a romantic weekend. You can schedule a visit to see the grounds or book a few nights in one of their many treehouses!

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Bialsky Treehouse, Long Island NY

Michael Ince's Bialsky Treehouse is a work of art. Which is not surprising considering that Michael is not just a treehouse designer, but also a sculptor.

The treehouse has many minute details that come together to make the perfect fairytale setting. The hand selected wood, peaked roof, and rope swing are the necessary ingredients to create the whimsical environment. The many details also distract from the fact that this house is not located on a tree, but instead 4 large posts.

This is not something you see every day in the backyard of Long Island homes, but it sure is beautiful.

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Jem Treehouse, Long Island, NY

The Jem treehouse is indeed inspired after the book, To Kill a Mockingbird. There treehouse has a diagonal shape to give the feeling of a ship, and windows similar to those of an airplane, all to create an environment that inspires adventure.

Roderick Romero formed Romero studios in 1997 and has since had a list of celebrity clients that include Sting, Donna Karan, and Julianne Moore. Romero likes to focus on using reclaimed/salvaged materials as well as collaboration with the local craftsmen of whatever region he finds himself building in.

Romero told the Denver Press that he has a number of priorities when designing and building treehouses. In all of his builds, he likes to include salvaged lumber, copper elements, and a musical element because he is a band called /sky-cries-mary/. Perhaps, Romero is just the designer you need for your own dream treehouse.

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Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Free Spirit Spheres located in Vancouver Island, offer guests a chance to experience what it is like to stay in the treetop canopies. These spheres are the perfect place to meditate, commune with nature, and best of all they leave a very small human footprint in the woods.

Designer Tom Chudleigh began building his first sphere, Eve, in 1993. He now has three spheres, Eve, Eryn, and Melody, which are available to rent for the night. Each sphere is suspended between the trees with ropes and cables. A breeze may sway the sphere a bit, but the spheres move more from the guests moving around inside.

While Chudleigh hopes someday to have 10-15 spheres in a large area of forest to be used as a place for guests to stay and have a spiritual retreat, he currently spends his time building spheres for other people.

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The Marsh House, Brookhaven, New York

The Marsh House in Brookhaven, New York has a special place in Pete Nelson's heart. This treehouse, designed by Michael Ince, was what inspired Pete to become a treehouse designer.

The treehouse sits out on the edge of a pond in peaceful seclusion and has a very whimsical design. Most notably, there are likely more curved lines than straight. According to Michael, the Marsh House offers artists and writers alike a retreat for creativeness.

The Marsh House was being built when Pete was a teenager and he remembers watching the building process and being inspired. Michael's attention to detail and artistic choices are characteristics that Pete now strives to bring into all of his designs.

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