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Treehouse Masters Ultimate Treehouse Giveaway presented by Delta

Tips to Creating the Ultimate Entry Video

  • Make sure to upload the video to your YouTube account and copy & paste the URL into the entry form.
  • Use a good quality video camera or smartphone and follow manufacturer recommendations for shooting outdoors.
  • Speak loudly and clearly.
  • Introduce yourself and any others who live in your home.
  • This could be YOUR Ultimate Treehouse, and Delta is picking up the tab. So don't hold back if your ULTIMATE TREEHOUSE vision includes a bathroom, shower or kitchen.
  • Consider having someone help you so that you and your family can be IN the video and personally point out some of your treehouse vision.
  • Location is important — make sure to show us your first choice for the treehouse location AND show us the surrounding property.
  • Include shots of the trees from up close (a few feet) as well as from a distance so we get a feel for the property.
  • If you know what kind of trees are in your yard, tell us what they are.
  • Tell us what makes your treehouse special.
  • Remember: YOUR ULTIMATE TREEHOUSE idea could WIN you the treehouse AND get you on TV! So get going!