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Whale Wars Is It OK to Kill Non-Endangered Whales?

posted: 05/15/12

Animal Planet presents this feature as a conversation with legal scholars. We draw no conclusions, other than that reasonable legal minds differ on these issues.

DR. CHARLOTTE EPSTEIN: "Because the Japanese are a bit fed up of being told that they can't whale, if [...] some whales are not that endangered — this is the Japanese position — then surely it should be possible to whale a few of them."

DR. BILL HOGARTH: "And if you look at science, the science probably does justify whales can be taken in the Southern Ocean, maybe more than could be taken in the north and Western Pacific where they do whale.

"And Japan has made it very clear that they cannot go to zero in the Southern Ocean because they couldn't get the amount of whales necessary to feed their people if they got out of the Southern Ocean. And so they didn't, you know. They said, so far to this date, they couldn't do that."

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