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Shannon Mann

Shannon was born in the prairies of Canada, spending summers exploring the northern forests and lakes of the Canadian flatlands. Early in her life she developed an affinity for animal life and their interaction with the environment. Shannon has always had a compassionate eye to the earth and the creatures that inhabit it. Scholastic by nature, she studied drosophila flies during university life and later developed high-tech software for cell phone companies. However, her passion for the beleaguered earth and its creatures was never far from her heart.

In 2005, Shannon heard Paul Watson speak at the Annual Animal Rights Conference in Los Angeles. She understood immediately that his was a cause worth being involved in. She returned from the summer conference, contacted the Sea Shepherd, and was accepted as a volunteer for the Antarctic campaign of 2006-2007.

Shannon's tenacious personality and rock-solid belief system have perpetuated her understanding of boundaries, limits and the power of the human spirit. She credits Watson with helping her to understand the power of dedication and fight. During her journey with the Sea Shepherd, she's developed confidence in her ability to navigate the sea and whip up delicious vegan fare, all while fighting for the animals who are helpless to defend themselves.

While Shannon battles on the rocky seas, she relies on the kindred spirit of her sister to care for her best buddy Jack, her beloved rescue dog back home. Shannon's non-profit organization FLEA (Friends of Life, Environment, and Animals) was granted charitable status in Canada in 2008, fueling her passion for the environment and shaping a plan for her future endeavors. Her most passionate goal is to put an end to whaling in the Antarctic Sanctuary once and for all.

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