Great Cats of India

posted: 05/15/12
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Great Cats of India
Icon Films Ltd.

Meet Alphonse Roy, India's leading wildlife cinematographer. Witness his extraordinary depth of experience as he attempts to capture definitive documentary portraits of all of India's four great cats: the tiger, the world's largest and most powerful feline; the Asiatic lion, the world's rarest cat; the leopard, the most adaptable and dangerous; and the ever-elusive snow leopard.

Viewers follow Alphonse throughout the whole filmmaking process, from the often arduous journeys to remote locations, to setting up specialized field equipment, like a 14-foot tripod built especially for filming tigers, to the actual filming, of course.

Along the way, viewers meet the many friends and colleagues with whom Alphonse works as well as the colorful characters from his travels, including a Buddhist priest who blesses his camera before a particularly difficult shoot.

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