Update: Immanuel and Kylie

posted: 09/11/17
Immanuel and Kylie.

Immanuel and Kylie.

Since completing the show, Kylie has been the one who gives Immanuel the most joy. She's always ready to play which has pushed Immanuel to be more active. Her adoration for him is priceless and she loves him whole heartedly.

It's incredible to see them hanging out. She lays right next to him whenever he's watching tv, playing video games and gives him the companionship a human can't. I didn't realize how much he needed a dog like Kylie in his life. He's been taking his responsibility seriously and wants her to come with us everywhere.

I believe that adopting Kylie with the support of the show and of course Nate helping train her, he would have never attached himself to a dog the way he is with Kylie. Although we already had dogs in the house, there has never been this kind of connection. I think for once in his life he feels he has something that he is responsible for which gives him more control of his own life. Caring for and being responsible for another living being is a big deal and a big job. And he has really stepped to the plate.

Especially seeing on how much my mom and I may have felt that "we" are the ones that "have" to do everything for him, he's showing us, nah, he's got this and hah, now we know he can do more chores on his own. Incredible. It was a big risk and I'm grateful we did it!

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