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Top 10 Animal Gross-Outs

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Wolfgang Bayer/DCL

Like, gag me with a spoon. Sure, we've all got some bad habits, but the animal world is full of wince-worthy behaviors that could put even our most icky conduct to shame. From unsettling dietary choices and digestive problems to inappropriate use of bodily fluids, the top 10 animal gross outs might just make you mind your manners ... and lose your appetite.


Reaching heights of nearly 20 feet (not to mention weighing in at 3,000 pounds!), the giraffe is certainly a tall drink of water. Speaking of liquids, they're also excessive droolers, courtesy of an 18-inch tongue (eat your heart out, Gene Simmons). This tool is as useful as it is disgusting, helping the giraffe rip leaves from branches, and the greens are then made easier to swallow, thanks to that surplus saliva. However, giraffes are also known for using their tongues to clean out their noses, so a word of advice: don't play spin the bottle with one anytime soon.

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