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The jacana is also known as the "lily trotter," thanks to its ability to "walk on water" by balancing on lily pads, but this Dad could use a little more balance in his personal life. This determined bird will go to extremes to become a dad. After building his nest, he finds his mate and they do the deed. But after the female has laid her eggs, she abandons the poor sap to run off with other guys. Meanwhile, Dad remains on the nest, watching over the eggs to protect them — sometimes from their own mother! Female jacanas often return and smash their own eggs; however, this is a surprisingly forgiving dad. Instead of pressing charges, he just jumps back in the sack and gives it another go, regardless of the fact that his lady has so many partners and he never really knows if he's raising his own. Quick, someone page Maury Povich and get these guys a paternity test!

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