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Top 10 Animals that Scare Us the Most

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They're faster than you may think, so cover your trash and keep quiet.
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The American black bear is the smallest of the bears living in North America, but its big paws can still pack a punch. This beast can weigh anywhere from a svelte 125 pounds (68 kilograms) to a mighty 600 pounds (272 kilograms). Its appearance may give off the impression that it's a slow, lumbering creature that roots around in trash cans all day, but this bear can reach speeds up to 35 miles (56 kilometers) per hour and is very dangerous if surprised or provoked.

According to the HSUS, more suburban developments are encroaching on bear habitats, making it more likely that you could see a black bear roaming about in your neighborhood. They're really more interested in food than people. To reduce the odds of a bear wandering into your yard, keep all garbage and food stored in secure containers. Should you find yourself face to face with a bear while camping or hiking, do not approach it. The American Bear Association recommends staying calm and slowly backing away from the area. Never try to run or scream, as startling the bear could cause his fight instincts to kick in.

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