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Top 10 Worst Rat Cities in the World

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Paris, France
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Rats show no respect for famed romantic locales, either. In 2008, Paris officials estimated the city's rat population had reached 8 million, and since only about 2 million people make their homes in Paris proper, that meant there were about four rats pounding the pavement for every Parisian.

In response, city officials encouraged residents and businesses to step up their rat-eradication efforts in a heavily advertised two-month campaign nicknamed "Le Smash" (or Le Service Municipal d'Actions de Salubrité et d'Hygiène), and to even "rat out" any neighbors who were slacking on rodent removal. Failure to act -- whether that be not calling a rat catcher, setting up traps, putting down poison, properly disposing of food or blocking building foundations -- led to steep fines.

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