posted: 12/01/15
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Scientific Name: Pan troglodytes
Number Remaining: 172,700 to 299,700
Average Height: 4 - 5.5 ft
Average Weight: 70-130 pounds

Chimps are our closest animal cousins, sharing about 98% of our DNA. They are highly social mammals and can live up to 50 years old. They are also very resourceful animals, using tools to help them eat.

They are found only in Central Africa.

Despite our close relations, chimpanzees are still under constant threat. They are hunted for their meat, which is seen as a delicacy for the wealthy in Central Africa. Baby chimps are also taken from their mothers and sold as pets. Outside of human influence, disease like Ebola is wiping out chimpanzee populations as well.
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Chimps Use Tools Like Humans and Teach Each Other

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