Sumatran Rhino

posted: 12/01/15
sumatran rhino
Mark Carwardine/Getty Images

Status: Critically Endangered
Scientific Name: Dicerorhinus sumatrensis
Number Left: Less than 100

The smallest of the living rhinoceroses, the Sumatran Rhino also, sadly, competes with the Javan Rhino as the most threatened rhino species. Because they are the only Asian rhino species with two horns, they are the most threatened by poaching.

Baby Sumatran Rhinos are born with a dense, reddish brown covering that eventually becomes a coarse, almost bristly black covering in adults. Because of this, this species of rhino is also known as the "hairy rhino."

In addition to poaching, habitat loss also plays a factor in the Sumatran Rhino's endangerment. For now, conservation efforts include monitoring for illegal rhino horn trade, funding anti-poaching patrols, and working with local governments to ensure protected lands are kept safe.

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