Sumatran Tiger

posted: 12/02/15
sumatran tiger
Status: Critically Endangered
Scientific Name: Panthera tigris sumatrae
Number Left: Fewer than 400
Size: 165-308 pounds

Identifiable by heavy black stripes on their orange coat, the Sumatran Tigers are the smallest surviving subspecies. They are the last of Indonesia's tigers and live in the remaining patches of tropical forests on the islands of Sumatra. Increased levels of poaching to meet demands of a substantial market for tiger parts and products, as well as accelerating deforestation have lead to the decreased numbers of the species.

While Indonesia has made poaching tigers punishable with jail time and steep fines, Sumatran Tigers are still in danger. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the species is "losing their habitat and prey fast, and poaching shows no sign of decline."

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How You Can Help:

  • World Wildlife Fund: Learn more about the Sumatran Tiger, conservation efforts, and what you can do to help ensure the species' survival.
  • Fauna & Flora International: Discover how you can directly contribute to the conservation of Sumatran Tigers.
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