posted: 04/29/14
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Andy Dean/Veer

Allow me to introduce Myself:I'm a Flamingo!

Where You'll Most Likely Find Me: Shallow waters including lakes and lagoons in South Florida and Texas. Also some parts of the Caribbean.

What I Like to Eat: Algae, aquatic invertebrates, tiny fish and crustaceans

Betcha Didn't Know This About Me: We are known for our ability to grow old gracefully. Some of us can live to be about 50 years old in the wild.

Who We Are: Tall birds that spend our time wading in tropical waters. We can also swim and fly. Our claim to fame is our magnificent and bright colored plumage. Even our name "flamingo" comes from the Spanish and Latin word "flamenco" which translates to fire. This reference is made to our colorful feathers.

Where You Might See Us: If you are a gambling man, and want to venture out to Sin City, you'll spot us hanging out at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at Las Vegas' Flamingo Hotel. A huge flock of Chilean flamingos reside at the habitat.

Milk Does the Body Good: We are only one of two groups of birds that feed our young high-fat, high-protein milk from the mother. The other bird is the pigeon.

Shape: We have large bodies and skinny, long legs; extremely long necks and small heads. Most of our feathers are pink, orange and crimson with the brightest pink colors under the wing.

Courting: In groups, we perform ritualized stretching and preening to attract a mate. Males stay in groups and run with their bills pointed toward the sky holding their necks straight out. When we show interest in a particular flamingo, we eek out a special call that we use to make our love intentions known.

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