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posted: 04/29/14
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Steve By Land/Veer

Allow me to introduce Myself: I'm a Mockingbird!

Where You'll Most Likely Find Me: We are sons and daughters of the South but over the years, we have migrated to other places between the east and west coast and even Canada. We migrate south during the fall and winter.

What I Like to Eat: Caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles, wasps, ants and small snakes

Betcha Didn't Know This About Me: We are proud to say that we are the official state birds of Alaska, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.

Who We Are: We are great imitators and can imitate the medley of songs from other birds. In fact, that's how we got our name. It means "many-tongued". Our imitation skills are so precise, humans can mistake our sounds for gate hinges, barking dogs and sirens. There are about 11 species of us residing in North America. We songbirds have adapted to places like your backyard, trees, telephone wires, fences, shrubbery, open gardens and pastures.

Appearance: Slim, gray birds with long black tails with white tail feathers and white undersides measuring 10 inches. We are loners or are sometimes spotted in pairs.

Sing-Song: We are loud, joyful singers who love to sing non-stop even into the night especially during the spring and summer months. We have scores of songs in our "library" that we sing regularly.

Where You Might Know Our Name: Ever heard of author Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird? We gained some notoriety from that book and movie.

Our Territory: We are extremely territorial and will aggressively go after any bird or human we feel is invading our nest or space.

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