Zoe Sandor

Animal Planet
Zoe Sandor is a certified professional dog trainer from San Diego CA with over fifteen thousand hours of hands-on experience. Her methodology is based on the assumption that it takes a village to train a dog. From the veterinarian, to the groomer, to the dog walker, to the daycare provider, and back to the pet parent themselves, everyone plays a role. Zoe has a unique way of navigating this village with humor and honesty to develop a plan for happy obedience that sticks. Her inclusive approach makes her uniquely qualified to adapt dog training to the life of the parent, developing customized approaches to achieve a calm canine in the home, at the office, at the studio, at the bar, out to eat, at the mall, or anywhere the parents path may lead. With Zoe, dog training doesn’t feel like a job, it's a lifestyle. For more information please visit www.zoesandor.com and stay up to date with Zoe on Instagram (@zoe.sandor) and Facebook.

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