Dr. Rachel Nichols

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Dr. Rachel Nicols
Planned Pethouse Plus Veterinarian

Dr. Rachel Nichols is a one-of-a-kind skilled surgeon whose experience working on large animals is invaluable to Dr. Jeff's clinic. Having spent a year alone post university working on cattle and horse ranches in Australia, Dr. Rachel has learned to handle and treat animals twice her size. Whenever Planned Pethood Plus receives a ranch call, she's the first in the van.

Dr. Rachel's love for animals began at an early age. Growing up on a remote cattle ranch in the valleys of Montana, she quickly learned to care for farm animals. Her humble, rural beginnings also instilled in her a calm temperament. When she's not lightening the mood with her quirky sense of humor, she's a soothing presence in the clinic's combustible surgery room.

But life wasn't always so easy for Dr. Rachel. With her unique upbringing and an eagerness to "fix things," she seemed pre-destined to become a vet, but ironically an intense phobia of blood held her back. Fortunately, counseling curbed her fears, and she soon enrolled at Colorado State University to study veterinary medicine.

After graduating in 2009, a friend introduced her to Dr. Jeff, and she started working part time at the clinic. Three years later, Dr. Rachel and Dr. Jeff are the best of friends, and their outlooks are remarkably similar, "What happens to all of the animals that can't get care? At this clinic we can make things happen and help people with nowhere else to go," she explains.

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