Hector Martinez

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Hector Martinez
Dr. Jeff's Right Hand Man and Veterinary Technician

Hector is Dr. Jeff's right-hand man. Fiercely loyal and the longest-serving member of Dr. Jeff's team, he will do anything to keep Dr. Jeff's clinic afloat. Hector is a skilled veterinary technician who also serves as a jack-of-all-trades. He can be the IT manager, construction specialist and PR guru when required.

Born in Mexico, Hector came to the United States at age two and met Dr. Jeff while in high school, where Dr. Jeff was his running coach. Hector was stunned by Dr. Jeff's generosity when he gave him an $80 pair of running shoes because he was in need. Hector came on board at the clinic to learn everything he needed to know about animals from Dr. Jeff who gradually shaped him into one of his most trusted technicians.

Versatile, funny and hardworking, Hector is always Dr. Jeff's first pick for a road trip. With more than 15 years of 'tech-ing' on the road, Hector knows how to prepare for a surgery anywhere. Unfortunately, Hector's love for the open road is coupled with his love for his childhood sweetheart Silvia who wants him to focus less on the wild road trips and more on family life. To compromise, Hector occasionally takes Daphne, their 10-year-old daughter, along for the ride.

Hector finds clinic life difficult at times. He is Dr. Jeff's voice of reason in the 'bear pit,' so he must remain forever neutral, dishing out consequences and resolving conflicts as needed -- anything to try and bring order to the chaos.

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