Clint Kuban

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Clint Kuban Clint Kuban Clint Kuban Animal Planet Clint Kuban is a 28-year-old veterinary student from southwest Connecticut specializing in emergency and rehab care. Clint graduated from the University of Hartford with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. He also completed a Post-Bac Pre-Med program at University of Hartford prior to applying to Penn Vet. Early in his first year at Penn Vet, Clint was introduced to the Penn Vet Working Dog Center where he formed a life-long bond with an Ovarian cancer detection German Shepherd named Tsunami (or Tsu for short). After falling in love with Tsu, Clint made a commitment to become her permanent foster caregiver. Along with daily training exercises, this commitment requires Clint and Tsu to remain in Philadelphia until Tsunami retires from her career. In addition to Tsu, Clint shares his two-bedroom apartment with his two cats Penny and Rafiki. While in his third year, Clint lost his father to pancreatic cancer. His father, who has always been one of his biggest supporters, refused to let Clint take time off from school throughout his battle with cancer. Now more determined than ever, Clint has dedicated his final year to his father and is determined to graduate for him. Ever the survivalist, Clint is an avid hiker, climber and outdoorsman. He is currently working on plans to hike Maine's infamous "100-mile wilderness" section of the Appalachian Trail.

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