Lindsay Gallagher

Animal Planet
Lindsay, 27, grew up around animals her whole life, whether it was wildlife in her backyard, pet cats and dogs or cows on her grandfather's farm. She decided to pursue veterinary medicine after volunteering at an animal shelter during her undergraduate years at Georgetown University. Penn Vet was the perfect fit for Lindsay because of its strong Veterinary Business Management Association, behavior department and proximity to her family in South Jersey. Lindsay dreams of practicing veterinary behavior and owning her own business. She is your quintessential go-getter and is always pushing herself to do better and go further. She never shies away from a challenge, and her striving has earned her a place near the top of her class. While most of her time is spent at school, she finds a little down time between rotations and studying to go on adventures. Lindsay has a "say yes" attitude and is always up for trying something new, whether it is a spontaneous road trip, learning to juggle, play guitar or trying out a new art medium. She enjoys attending dog events as a spectator or participant and has won blue ribbons in dock diving and agility with her Australian shepherd. Lindsay loves nature and outdoor activities, especially backpacking, canoeing and dirt biking. She unwinds by finding a balance between the next exciting adventure and relaxing in the company of friends, family and of course, animals.

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