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Meerkat Manor's favorite first family, the Whiskers, was dealt a harsh blow last season with the death of their fearless matriarch, Flower. With the family in shambles, Rocket Dog fought her way to the spot as top "kat" and new leader for the Whiskers clan. But mutineer Maybelline didn't accept her sister as queen and ditched the clan to form her own mob, the Aztecs. With the family divided, the sisters' claws come out — and the Manor is changed forever.

Now, Rocket Dog and Maybelline must live within the rather large shadow of their late mother, Flower, and there's very little room in the Kalahari for both sisters' clans. Not only do the meerkats face predators, harsh desert weather and their archenemies, the Commandos, but they also most deal with dissent within their ranks. Without a solid leader to unify them, they face their toughest survival threat yet: each other.

The sisters' enmity isn't the first time a family spat has threatened a homeland. History's Tudor queens had a rivalry that put a wedge through England. This season, viewers will find themselves knee-deep in the Kalahari as betrayals, romances, seductions and new titillating story lines unfurl. The Tudor family had nothing on these mobs; this brand-new generation of meerkats gives new meaning to bad "Manors."

No matter which meerkat deserves the title, this season, another queen reigns over the Kalahari. Emmy-award winning Stockard Channing joins the Manor as the series' headstrong narrator. With her previous role as first lady on The West Wing, Channing is no stranger to politics.

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