Jackson Galaxy

Animal Planet
One night the shelter cats where Jackson Galaxy worked gave him the gift that dubbed him the "cat listener." While working late during a violent storm, he heard all of the cats in the stray cat impound area screaming. He had heard somewhere that a "slow blink" means "I love you" in feline; a slow blink exchanged by cat and human establishes a link between the two. He went to the impound area to try it, and if nothing else, perhaps it would quiet down or reassure a few of the cats. Forty-five minutes later, the room was filled with sleeping cats, and Jackson sat in the dark corner, knowing that his life had just taken a turn. Jackson's fascination and empathy toward cats blossomed. A musician, songwriter and actor, Jackson began accessing the deep emotionality of creativity to help him rehabilitate stray and surrendered cats. In the last 16 years, Jackson has become a unique presence in the pet psychology realm. His full-arm tattoo sleeves of cat tattoos and his rock 'n' roll style make him a unique character on the feline behavioral scene as well. "I am truly content when I can walk into someone's home, or talk to them on the phone and help turn problems into workable programs," says Jackson. "It's my mission to keep cats from being euthanized -- out of shelters and off the streets for reasons that are entirely preventable." In 2002, Jackson went into private practice in Boulder, Colo., founding Little Big Cat, Inc. with Dr. Jean Hofve, a respected holistic veterinarian. Together they gave mind-body consultations to cat guardians, focusing on the connection between physical and behavioral feline health. Jackson also joined Dr. Hofve in the popular Spirit Essences flower essence remedy line, and today he is the owner and president of Spirit Essences. In 2007, Jackson moved to Los Angeles and has continued his private feline consulting practice. To date he has worked, one-on-one, with thousands of cats, both in their homes and in rescue situations. He also continues to teach his "Cat's Eye View" classes to the public, as well as to shelter workers, volunteers and veterinary students. In addition, Jackson has added "Hollywood" to his Cat Behaviorist title, as the Official Cat Behaviorist for Game Show Network's "Think Like a Cat," and as the Cat Behavior Expert on Animal Planet's "Cats 101" and "America's Cutest Cat."

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